Bride and Groom Laughing at Hillside Gardens Reception
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Bride and Groom Laughing at Hillside Gardens Reception

This photograph of a bride and groom laughing was taken during the reception of a wedding at Hillside Gardens in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We've shot quite a few weddings at Hillside gardens and always love being there.
In this particular picture, the newly married couple was playing a game during the reception, called the shoe game, where they sat back to back in chairs, and answered questions about themselves as a couple. 
For example, the wedding DJ would ask "who is the best cook in the relationship" and the couple would respond by holding up a shoe that belonged to the person thought to be the best cook. It was fun to see the bride and groom's reactions to the questions as well as the wedding guests' reactions.
I also love this photo because of the way the sun light was coming into the pavilion and reflecting off the floor to light their faces. The lighting coupled with the black and white edit on the image really highlights the couple's laughter, which I love! There's nothing better than photographing genuine moments of emotion during the wedding day. 

Location: 1006 S Institute St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.