Adriana + Chris

Adriana + Chris

A Garden of the Gods Couples Session

I know Adriana a little bit through a photography group we’re both a part of – she’s an amazing photographer herself (AND published author!!) and we were so happy to do this session with her and Chris (you can check out Adriana’s work here)! Honesty time here – as an (almost) native of Colorado Springs, I have always tried to stay away from Garden of the Gods for engagement sessions or family sessions just because it screams TOURIST to me…however there’s also a little part of me that’s intimidated by doing sessions here because all the red rocks can create a crazy red/orange cast on people’s skin, which is really hard to deal with come editing time. But, I decided it was time to challenge ourselves and try to “master” Garden of the Gods. Now I’m not necessarily saying we’ve mastered it by any means, but I am pretty proud of the results. I’m so happy we were able to get some mountains into the backgrounds as well as a lot of beautiful rock formations. I actually think it helped my appreciate for Garden of the Gods, and I’m hoping we’ll get to do another session there soon!

Another honest bit for you – Tyler and I are really trying to focus more and more on helping our clients by stepping up our game when it comes to “posing.” Posing? Yes! When we first started photographing couples, the thought of posing was kind of a negative one to me. I mean, we want our images to look natural, not posed, right? We want genuine emotion! How would posing help us achieve this? Well, let me tell you a little about what we’ve been learning. When it comes to getting our pictures taken, we all want to know what we’re doing, right? We want to be confident that how we’re standing or what we’re doing with our hands, etc, is going to look good. We are starting to take more time at the start of our sessions to help give couples direction when it comes to posing – we want to give them the confidence to know how to pose together to not only look their best, but FEEL good about what they’re doing! The more direction we can give with posing, the more CONFIDENCE we can give our lovely clients and the happier they feel during the session! This actually produces more genuine smiles and laughs during sessions because clients aren’t worried about whether or not they look good.

Lastly, doesn’t Adriana have the most gorgeous hair? I just couldn’t keep from noticing how pretty it was in every image when I was editing! Thank you Adriana and Chris for being so easy to work with – we really, really enjoyed our time with the both of you!

Thank you Adriana and Chris for laughing with us during this session, we love the joy we captured in you!

All our best

Tyler & MelanieĀ 


  1. Adriana

    OMG!!! These are fantastic! Thank you so, so much ! I love each one of them, and I’m so grateful to have these pictures. We had a great time with you guys, and I love the direction you gave us. I felt like I could really be myself and interact with Chris under the safe parameters of the poses and know that the pictures would turn out great. Thank you! They are lovely!

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