Shoot & Share Contest Results

Shoot & Share Contest Results

The Shoot & Share Photo Contest is the world’s only free & fair photo contest. Anyone can enter up to 50 photos in 25 categories. Voting began February 1st and the results are in!

This year was the first year we entered into the Shoot & Share contest – I found out about it last year and participated a little in the voting, but mostly couldn’t wait until this year so we could enter! The Shoot & Share contest is especially unique because people from all over the world enter and vote. This year over 332,768 photos were entered in 25 different categories, and over 104,378 people voted from 141 different countries! Over 49 MILLION votes were cast! That’s craziness. Below are the results of how our photos did!

“Just the Groom”  |  Round: 12/12   |  Place: 51/3,037


“Just the Groom”  |  Round: 12/12   |  Place: 191/3,037


These images made it into the top 20% of their category – some categories had up to 35,000 entries!

“Guests & Reception”  |  Round: 10/12  |  535/5,294

grandma and bride dancing at wedding reception


“Families”  |  Round: 8/12  |  2,604/22,299


“Details: All Dressed Up”  |  Round: 7/12  |  791/6,395


“The Wedding Party”  |  Round: 7/12  |  1,685/10,037


“Families”  |  Round: 7/12  |  4,094/22,299


These images made it into the top 30% in their category!

“The Wedding Couple”

“Emotion & Excitement”


“People Portraits”


“The Wedding Party”


“Guests & Reception”


“Just the Bride”




“Personal Work”


We’re already excited for next year’s contest! And the best part is, YOU can enter and vote in the contest as well! Just check out

All our best,

Tyler & Melanie



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